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February 2, 2013 by

Ryactive Speed Stick Panty Commercial Airing on Super Bowl 2013

I’m proud to announce that our work is being featured in the NFL Super Bowl XLVII. Our Speed Stick deodorant commercial, “Laundry”, will air during the first commercial break of the third quarter.

Ryactive’s Speed Stick panty commercial is being featured by the New York Times, WSJ, Adweek and was on the Today Show.

David Brashear directed and I produced the Speed Stick spot late last year. When we were shooting the commercial we had no idea that it would premiere during the single biggest television event of the year. The surprise came a few weeks ago when we got word that our ad is a favorite of the brand and was being considered for a major television event. They had us on eggshells for a couple of days and then broke the good news to us over the phone.

Thank you David Brashear for your brilliant concept and directing, Jon Peter for making it look beautiful, the actors, the crew, Tiffany’s Coin Laundry in Culver City, CA for the great location, and to all of our family and friends for believing in us.

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